Shifeng XIONG   Professor

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science

Director of Center for Experiment Design and Uncertainty Quantification

Address: No. 55, Zhongguancun East Road

Beijing. 100190 


Research Areas

computer experiments and uncertainty quantification, statistical inference, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning, transportation big data analysis


Shifeng Xiong visited Prof. Peter Chien at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Prof. Jeff Wu at Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Selected papers:

    Chunya Li, Shifeng Xiong, Hui Xiong, Xuan Sun, Yong Qin, Logistic model for pattern inference of subway passenger flows based on fare collection and vehicle location data, Applied Mathematical Modeling, 2024, 130, 472-495.

    Weiyan Mu, Xin Wang, Shifeng Xiong, Dynamic inference for left behind probabilities on congested metro routes, Transportation Planning and Technology, 2024, In Press.

    Liwen Wang, Yongda Wang, Shifeng Xiong, Jiankui YangSome aspects of nonlinear dimensionality reduction, Computational Statistics, 2024, In Press.

    Jing Wang, Haiying Wang, Shifeng Xiong, Unweighted estimation based on optimal sample under measurement constraints, The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 2024, 52, 291-309.

    Ying Wu, Zhipeng Tang, Shifeng Xiong, A unified geographically weighted regression model, Spatioal Statistics2023, 55, 100753.

    Weiyan Mu, Shifeng Xiong, On Huber's contaminated model, Journal of Complexity2023, 77, 101745.

    Chunya Li, Xiaojun Cui, Shifeng Xiong, Design and analysis of computer experiments with both numeral and distributional inputs, Technometrics, 2023, 65, 406-417.

    Yun Wu, Shifeng Xiong, Kernel reconstruction learning, Neurocomputing2023, 522: 1-10. (codes:

    Shifeng Xiong, Chunya Li, Xuan Sun, Yong Qin, Jeff Wu, Statistical estimation for passenger-to-train assignment models based on automated data, Advanced Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 2022, 38: 287-307.

    Shifeng Xiong, The reconstruction approach: From interpolation to regression, Technometrics, 2021, 63: 225-235.

    Chunya Li, Daijun Chen, Shifeng Xiong, Linear screening for high-dimensional computer experiments, STAT, 2021, 10(1), e320.

    Shifeng Xiong, Personalized optimization and its implementation in computer experiments, IISE Transactions, 2020, 52: 528-536.

    Yunfei Wei, Shifeng Xiong, Bayesian integrative analysis for multi-fidelity computer experiments, Journal of Applied Statistics, 2019, 46: 1973-1987.

    Weiyan Mu, Shifeng Xiong, A class of space-filling designs and their projection properties, Statistics & Probability Letters2018, 141: 129-134.

    Shifeng Xiong, Xu He, Yuanzhen He, Weiyan Mu, Sensitivity analysis using permutations, Statistica Sinica, 2018, 28: 817-837.

    Daijun Chen, Shifeng Xiong, Flexible nested Latin hypercube designs for computer experiments, Journal of Quality Technology, 2017, 49: 337-353.   (codes:

    Shifeng Xiong, Local optimization-based statistical inference, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 2017, 11: 2295-2320.

    Shifeng Xiong, Bin Dai, Jared Huling, Peter Qian, Orthogonalizing EM: A design-based least squares algorithm, Technometrics, 2016, 58: 285-293.

    Shifeng Xiong, Better subset regression, Biometrika, 2014, 101: 71-84.

    Kenny Xie, Shifeng Xiong, Peter Qian, Jeff Wu, General sliced Latin hypercube designs, Statistica Sinica, 2014, 24: 1239-1256.

    Shifeng Xiong, Peter Qian, Jeff Wu, Sequential design and analysis of high-accuracy and low-accuracy computer codes, Technometrics, 2013, 55: 37-46.

    Shifeng Xiong, Roshan Joseph, Regression with outlier shrinkage, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. 2013, 143: 1988-2001.

    Shifeng Xiong, An asymptotics look at the generalized inference, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2011, 102: 336-348.

    Shifeng Xiong, Some notes on the nonnegative garrote, Technometrics, 2010, 52: 349-361.

    Shifeng Xiong, Weiyan Mu, On construction of asymptotically correct confidence intervals, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2009, 139: 1394-1404.

    Shifeng Xiong, Guoying Li, Inference for ordered parameters in multinomial distributions, Science in China. Series A. Mathematics, 2009, 52: 526-538.

    Shifeng Xiong, Guoying Li, Some results on the convergence of conditional distributions, Statistics & Probability Letters, 2008, 78: 3249-3253.

    Shifeng Xiong, Guoying Li, Testing for the maximum cell probabilities in multinomial distributions, Science in China. Series A. Mathematics, 2005, 48:972-985.


1. The package mainly includes construction for FNLHD, which is a kind of new design originated from LHD, and two types of algrorithms to optimizing both NLHDs and FNLHDS. 

2. Codes for the paper "Kernel reconstruction learning".

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