Dr. & Prof. Xiangao Xia

Email: xxa@mail.iap.ac.cn
Telephone: 010-82995071
Address: #40, Huayanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Postcode: 100029 

Research Areas

Aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions

Remote sensing of Atmospheric pollutants


Ph.D., 1999-2002, Institute of Atmospheric Physics

M.Sc., 1994-1997, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences

B.Sc., 1989-1994, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology


2010-present, Prof., Institute of Atmospheric Physics,

2006-2009, Associate Prof., Institute of Atmospheric Physics,

2002-2015, Assisstent Prof.,Institute of Atmospheric Physics, 

Teaching Experience
2014-present, Atmospheric Measurement, UCAS


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